Welcome to Occupational Therapy Network

At Occupational Therapy Network, we proactively promote health and wellbeing for people at home, work and leisure.

We understand that illness, injury and disability affects people in many different ways. We view each person as an individual, and take into account the various roles and activities they perform, providing services which are tailor-made and target identified needs.

Occupational Therapy Network aims to effectively prevent injury and illness and maintain quality of life. The aim of our rehabilitation intervention is to maximise a person’s ability to achieve functional independence following injury or illness.

Occupational Therapy Network intervention is:

  • Goal-directed
  • Outcome-focused and
  • Evidence-based.

Our occupational therapists provide services within clients’ homes, workplaces, care facilities and communities. We appreciate that good communication and teamwork is vital. We recognise the role of various stakeholders and work in partnership with the injured person, treating health professionals, carers, insurance companies and legal representatives to achieve optimal outcomes.

Employment Opportunity

Occupational Therapy Network is a group practice of occupational therapists. Due to increased demand, we are seeking experienced consultants to join our team.