Activities of Daily Living 

Occupational Therapy Network offers services for persons with various conditions including neurological, traumatic brain injury, musculoskeletal, congenital and degenerative conditions.
Our reports provide detailed information on the person’s functional capacity and restrictions. Observed function is cross-referenced with reported function. We involve the carer/s, family members and other relevant service providers in the assessment process.
Report recommendations include clinical interpretation of findings and identification of barriers and strategies to increase independence.
Assessment of function: 
  • Personal/self-care
  • Domestic activity including housework, grounds care and home maintenance
  • Falls risk and prevention
  • Community mobility including driving and public transport
  • Social interaction and communication skills
  • Leisure and non-vocational participation.
Assistance with participation in ADL may include:
  • Strategies for task modification
  • Training to overcome physical and/or cognitive barriers
  • Selected aids and equipment
  • Environmental modification
  • Coordination of rehabilitation
  • Referral to support services.
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