Occupational Therapy Network

PO Box 4086
Oatley NSW 2223
P: 61 2 9586 3777
PO Box 150
Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
P: 61 2 8001 6454

Our occupational therapists provide service throughout the greater Sydney, Newcastle and Illawarra regions and are available to travel further afield as required. 

Areas We Service 

Medicolegal Assessments
Our Occupational Therapists travel within Sydney metropolitan area, throughout New South Wales and  interstate to conduct medicolegal assessments.
Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation and Case Management
Our network of Occupational Therapists ensures we are able to provide services throughout metropolitan and greater Sydney and Newcastle regions including: 
  • Occupational therapy
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Case management (including CTP rehabilitation, workers compensation and Lifetime Care & Support)
  • Functional Independence Measure ( FIM™) assessment
  • One-off services including care assessments.


Oatley Office
P: 61 2 9586 3777
E: info@ot-network.com.au
Dulwich Hill Office
P: 61 2 8001 6454
E: ask@ot-network.com.au