CTP Case Management & Rehabilitation Services

Occupational Therapy Network is a rehabilitation provider for personal injury claims.  We support early intervention for injury management in the NSW Compulsory Third Party (CTP) schemes.  Our emphasis is maximisng a person’s return to functional independence following injury. We engage the claimant in rehabilitation aimed at safe and early resumption of pre-accident home, work and leisure tasks. We work collaboratively with the claimant, treating health professionals, carers, insurer and other relevant parties to achieve goals, providing intervention which is evidence-based.
Occupational Therapy Network provides:
  • Initial Needs Assessment focusing on areas such as activities of daily living, return to work and/or medical management
  • Rehabilitation Plans in accordance with Motor Accident Authority (MAA) requirements
  • Case Management which is proactive and tailored to the claimant’s situation
  • Occupational Therapy including activities of daily living, equipment prescription, functional education, environmental modifications and assessment of care needs.
Occupational Therapy Network also provides services within Victoria’s TAC Scheme.
Oatley Office
P: 61 2 9586 3777
E: info@ot-network.com.au
Dulwich Hill Office
P: 61 2 8001 6454
E: ask@ot-network.com.au