Welcome to OT Network

Occupational Therapy Network provides rehabilitation, therapy and injury management services.  Our aim is to effectively maximise a person’s ability to achieve functional independence by preventing and reducing the impact of injury, illness or disability. 
Since inception in 1998, Occupational Therapy Network has developed a reputation for: 
  • Client-focus 
  • Tailoring services to achieving goals
  • Achieving outcomes 
  • Using evidence-based principles 
  • Timely and coordinated service delivery
  • Independence / impartiality
  • Effective communication
  • Working in partnership with various stakeholders.
Services are provided in the context of clients’ homes, workplaces, care facilities and communities by experienced occupational therapists located in the greater Sydney and Newcastle areas.


Oatley Office
P: 61 2 9586 3777
F: 61 2 9586 2377
E: info@ot-network.com.au
Dulwich Hill Office
P: 61 2 8001 6454
F: 61 2 8001 6354
E: ask@ot-network.com.au